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The Most Clinically Proven Wellness Company in the World

From NASA & world class scientists, to Nobel Laureates & Olympic athletes, Shaklee is the brand and wellness company of choice.

Health practitioners of all modalities choose Shaklee as their brand partner because of Shaklee’s reputation for scientific validation, purity of product and the consistent results our products deliver for their clients.

Our Beliefs:

  • Nature is the guiding principle for health.
  • Prevention is an expedient way to stay well.
  • Science is the foundation for results.
  • Income is based on the benefits we bring.

Three Ways to Engage With Us


Natural Products for Individual Health

Our reputation is why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. 25% of our sales come from people who have been shopping with us for over THIRTY YEARS. Most enjoy membership savings and loyalty rewards.


Referral Rewards
& Increased Savings

Results (and our 100% satisfaction guarantee) cause many to refer others, get their products free and/or earn extra income. Many get their products paid for EVERY MONTH because of the loyal consumers they have connected us to.


Tailored Paths
to Increased Income

Those passionate about wellness offer the products and our health resources as a value add to their networks. They coordinate their own group of consumers and/or connectors. Some make this their career vehicle.