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About Me

I began learning about quality supplementation (emphasis on QUALITY) in 1989 while I was pursuing an acting career in New York City. I had chronic “women’s” problems with mood swings, cramps & major fatigue. I mentioned to a co-worker that I’d been searching for over 10 years for natural solutions. She connected me to her brother who told me he had a brand of vitamins that could guarantee I’d notice a difference. ​ I thought I was already taking quality vitamins, so I fully expected to get my money back.

Within the first month, I was waking up easier and my mid-afternoon energy slumps were gone. ​ Over time, the other stuff went away too. ​

What I learned is that changing brands really does make a difference. A difference indicated not only by anecdotal evidence like mine, but also validated scientifically through third party research and clinical trials.

Does every brand say they’re different? Yes.

Can most of them actually PROVE it? No.

Curious to see what clinically proven supplements can do for you?

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Patented Personalized Assessment Gives You Precisely What You Need

Based on life stage, biology, lifestyle, and health goals, our nutrition assessment tool determines the precise nutrition each unique person needs to thrive.

About TeamONE

TeamONE is our community of fitness focused consumers, wellness ambassadors and health professionals.

We provide an entrepreneurial vehicle that is affordable, accessible and gives the guidance needed for success.

In an industry where people jump from company to company, the fact that I’ve been with the same one for 30+ years makes me a bit of a unicorn. To say I’ve seen it all is an understatement!

We pioneered and co-created a simple online system for rapid growth more than a decade ago.

In its first year, our exclusive system propelled award winning success, with 6 of the top 10 in our company using it to increase their bottom line.

As technology and the market continues to evolve, so have we. Yet, the same innovation (and results) we initiated in 2005, apply to our current online system.  More so, in fact!

Some accomplishments include:

  • President’s Club award for business growth and leadership
  • Recognized as #3 worldwide for “fast start” business growth​ (2006)
  • Recognized in the top 10% for growth for 5+ consecutive years, having earned top achiever status, trips and cars.

This kind of longevity & achievement provides a track record you can leverage. There’s no guess work.

Partnering with us gives you access to our extensive online tools, resources and PROVEN processes for success.


Tired of Living in the GAP?

You know – the CHASM between what you know you’re capable of and what you’re actually doing.


TeamONE, because ONE person can and does make a difference and as a TEAM, we are a movement that is creating healthier lives.

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Natural Products for Individual Health

Our reputation is why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. 25% of our sales come from people who have been shopping with us for over THIRTY YEARS. Most enjoy membership savings and loyalty rewards.


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Results (and our 100% satisfaction guarantee) cause many to refer others, get their products free and/or earn extra income. Many get their products paid for EVERY MONTH because of the loyal consumers they have connected us to.


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Those passionate about wellness offer the products and our health resources as a value add to their networks. They coordinate their own group of consumers and/or connectors. Some make this their career vehicle.