Ready to Play Your Bigger Game?

The Bigger Game is a way to inspire executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.

It provides a philosophy and methodology that will serve you the rest of your life.  It offers pathways and tools that will motivate you to keep stretching, achieving and thriving above and beyond any boundaries or limitations that might have held you back in the past.

The Bigger Game has caught the eye of Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, churches, groups, and individuals around the world.

At its core, The Bigger Game helps people find their compelling purpose. It is an innovative model that guides you to create a set of circumstances that will intentionally design who you want to become and/or the business you want to have.



The Bigger Game – for teams or individuals – is available as a half-day introduction or a 2-day workshop experience. The training is highly interactive and includes a combination of theory presentation, full group experiential exercises, one-on-one coach-like conversations, small group interactions and inspirational video examples of Bigger Games.

The Bigger Game addresses the following:

  • Engagement – Unengaged team members cost organizations millions of dollars of lost revenue. Bigger Game asks the key question, “What is a compelling Bigger Game I want to be playing in this organization?” When individuals and teams are playing a purpose-driven Bigger Game, they are deeply engaged.
  • Innovation – Innovation occurs naturally when playing a Bigger Game. We inherently become more creative, innovative and bolder with our actions when we are compelled and passionate about what we are doing.
  • Collaboration – A Bigger Game is only successful when there is an authentic collaboration among the players. Although there may be disagreement along the way, there is a deep commitment and alignment with the direction of the Game. It is in these collaborative conversations that new ideas are born and implemented.


Participants experience a hands-on tool to implement – and even welcome – a sustainable, positive impact, both internally in their own work environments and externally in service of generating successful positive results.


Creating a Movement of Leaders Committed to Furthering

the Shaklee Effect & Playing Their Bigger Games.


The Bigger Game provides a framework to empower leaders who want to turbo charge their Shaklee Effect.  When people are connected to and acting on their compelling purpose, they are unstoppable.  Whether they realize it or not, anyone who has achieved success in Shaklee has played a bigger game.  The challenge is that most can’t tell you how they connected to it in the first place.

The Bigger Game methodology provides a model by which we can consciously apply, teach and duplicate its strategies to increase our individual Shaklee Effect and growth as a company.

Imagine massive growth that is simple, manageable and sustainable.

  • Imagine no overwhelm, no burnout.
  • What if we retained more leaders than having to replace those who quit?
  • What if excuses were a rarity rather than the norm?
  • How about having a team that crushes obstacles because they are driven from within?
  • How about working with people who are so driven and self-motivated that the HOW becomes obsolete?

Do you want more of THAT?

THAT is the Bigger Game!

If you’d like join our movement and have your team playing their bigger game, contact us about hosting a workshop.


** Shaklee specific Bigger Game workshops are lead by Shaklee leaders who are Bigger Game Certified Trainers.

Bigger Game workshops are lead by Certified Trainers licensed and certified by Bigger Game co-founder Rick Tamlyn. Each is actively playing a Bigger Game, and is available to deliver the Bigger Game 2-Day Experience and/or Half-Day Training.

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