21 Day Clean Start – Online Program
(with OPTIONAL 7-day cleanse)

NEXT SESSION STARTS: First Monday of every month.
(unless it’s a holiday week)

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: To ensure you have the materials and time to prepare, be sure to register no less than 5-8 business days prior to the next start date.

 My total cholesterol was at 272, HDL 38, LDL 193 and triglycerides at 205. I decided to give Shaklee a try. Three months later, my total cholesterol dropped to 224, HDL up to 42, LDL down to 156 and triglycerides down to 128.  Thank you!  

-Andy B.

 I am so happy to say that I am completely free of Fibromyalgia.  Traveling used to kick my butt and take me out of the game for days.  But this past year I traveled more than ever and was pain-free! 

-Jenni O.

 It's official! My doctor took me off my last prescription med. 30 years of blood pressure meds never did a thing. It took Shaklee two weeks. 

-Jim O.

 Sleep trouble/hot flashes were making life so miserable...I tried someone else's brand...no luck. Got more Menopause Balance Complex ...ZERO hot flashes and slept all night like I used to. THANKS SHAKLEE 

-Linda G.

 After only a week and a half I could tell a huge difference in how I feel, and I have been migraine free!!  I have not had to take any pain medications since I started Shaklee!  

-Liz E.

 Have not had a spell of IBS for months.  I no longer need a prescription medicine for the Reflux condition either.  All thanks to Shaklee's wonderful research and commitment to the best. 

-Lorraine K.

 I started MindWorks and within 3 days, I felt as thought I had just come out of a very dense cloud bank. It’s great to be able to think clearly again after a very long time. 

-Mary M.

 Wish I had this info when my son was a baby and going thru his ear infections.  I knew we were using some toxins in our homes but never would I imagine exactly how much was in our homes. 

-Rebecca D.

 My restless legs are now restful and I sleep better. My weight has dropped by 15 pounds and I have much more energy. 

-Vince P.

This time your healthy lifestyle changes are going to stick!

Thanks to a proven road map & a community of like minded people.  We are with you every step of the way!

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What’s in it for you?

  • A simple transition into a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE that you can actually sustain.

  • The barrage of NUTRITION MYTHS & TRUTHS finally sorted through and explained for you.

  •  An understanding of NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY, how it affects you, why you should care, and why it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need from our food.

  • Learn which SUPPLEMENTS are proven EFFECTIVE by science and documented in medical journals (the stuff that really matters!) instead of relying on media hype.

  • A SUPER-POWERED IMMUNE SYSTEM that enables you to get well & STAY WELL.

  • Learn what foods actually help you LOSE FAT (if that’s your goal) while maintaining lean muscle and BOOST METABOLISM naturally throughout the day – so you burn more calories!!

  • Simple ways to EAT CLEAN while SAVING GREEN with clean eating meal plans, recipes, recipes and more recipes!

  • The importance of removing toxins from your HOME while saving tons of money (Yes, you heard me right – green cleaners can actually be less expensive and more effective with no smelly vinegar involved!)

  • Discover the role nutrition plays in creating HEALTHY, RADIANT SKIN and which skin care ingredients to steer clear of.

  • A trusted super CONVENIENT one-stop shop for most of your health, home and personal care essentials delivered right to your doorstep.

How Does The Program Work?

21 Days of health info, video clips & audios delivered to your in-box. Review each day or save for a later date.

Each day’s email contains a DAILY SWAP, a LEARN MORE section, a TAKE ACTION suggestion and a DAILY INSPIRATION tidbit.

Topics include: Nutritional Deficiencies, The Truth About Detox, Protein & You, Heart Health, Protein & You, Why Diets Fail ….and more!

Also includes daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and grocery guides.

The 7 Day Cleanse is an OPTIONAL add-on.

If you WANT IN for the next session and/or have questions, fill out the form NOW!

For anyone looking for a reboot or overwhelmed as to where/how to start, there couldn’t be a simpler, self paced way to do it.

Yes! Let's do this!




Get Started with Use-Right-Now Tips

Upon registration, you will receive information on how to immediately begin to implement a CLEAN START. You’ll get access to each week’s MEAL PLANS and SHOPPING LISTS so you can plan ahead. Also included as a special bonus is our CLEAN START “Grocery Guide” + Grocery Store Cheat Sheet” + Healthy Snack Ideas to help you on your very next trip to the store. (Goodbye grocery store, product label and healthy snack confusion!)

Those opting to include the dietary cleanse in their first 7 days will also receive the full Fresh Start Cleanse Program guide, meal plans & recipes.

Learn a Little More Every Day

Once the program begins, the content released, via email, in daily modules consisting of informative life changing videos, tips, research, explanations, action items, recipes, printables, and more, to guide and empower you to make a CLEAN START. In 21 days, your health and life will be simplified. You’ll feel full of energy and will move forward with the knowledge needed to sustain a healthy, happy lifestyle and create the life you envision.

What’s the CLEANSE Option All About?

The cleanse option of the 21 Day Clean Start includes a comprehensive cleanse for the first 7 days, based on proven scientific principles. Designed by clinical nutritionists and validated in a pilot study, it has been used for more than 20 years to help participants get a“fresh start” on their health!

This is NOT one of those crazy juice, cabbage only, etc., programs where you’re starving yourself.  In fact, if you’re hungry on this cleanse, then there’s something missing.  You’ll be eating LOTS of raw fruits & veggies in different ratios and be supported with specialized cleansing supplements.  Step by step details, along with recipes are provided in the guidebook and other resources you’ll receive as soon as you register.

In addition to everything above included with Clean Start, those adding the cleanse will also get:

  • Full cleanse program booklet with menus & recipes.

  • Personal coaching with daily check-ins for the first 7 days and frequently thereafter.


  • IMPROVED digestion.

  • Enhanced ability to better ABSORB essential nutrients.

  • Cravings for sugar, caffeine, fats & nicotine REDUCED.

  • Your hormonal system RETURNING TO BALANCE.

  • Kick-starting weight loss with real results in SEVEN DAYS. (Study participants lost an average of 6.8 lbs in the first week!)

Video Overview

What’s Included:


  • 21 days’ worth of actionable, invaluable content including videos, tips, research, explanations, action items, recipes, printables, and much more available through the exclusive member only site. ($550 value)


  • Includes an interactive component with weekly “Office Hours” where you can ask questions live and get strategic advice to ensure that you receive the highest value from your investment ($150 value).


Once you’ve registered for the Clean Start Simplified program you will lifetime have access to the daily content and our online members only community!

 This chock-full, life-changing WHOLE HEALTH program (valued at over $800) is only $49  FREE with the purchase of any HealthPrint customized recommendations or product pack below!

How To Get Started:

~ OR ~

Choose the Product Pack below
that best suits your needs and budget.

  • Vita-Lea is a hight potency formulation that provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels for optimal health.

  • Omega Guard delivers a full spectrum of ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy heard, joint and brain function.

  • One full month (30 capsule strips) of our Vitalizer, which packs the best nutritional science in one convenient daily strip – the ultimate foundation for a longer, healthier life. Vitalizer provides all of your plant-based whole food vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and healthy probiotics!

  • One full month (30 capsule strips) Life Strip, the best, most comprehensive nutritional system in the world.  Clinically proven nutrients to help provide the foundation for a longer, healthier life.  Feel younger, longer – for the rest of you life.  Guaranteed.

  • Or choose a full month of our 180 Turnaround weight loss program (not pictured) for $269.95.  Replaces two meals plus includes healthy snacks & more.  Clinically proven to burn fat, not muscle so your metabolism stays super charged!

  • All product pak options contain Life Shake Protein meal replacement mix, our super scrumptious meal replacement shake which is perfect for those busy, on the go mornings.  Contains nutrients clinically proven to help create the foundation for a longer, healthier life.  It is designed to increase your inergy, help you achieve a healthier weight and provide incredible digestive and immune support from fiber probiotics.  This ultra-clean, plant-based, non-GMO gluten & lactose free protein contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors – so you can feel more energized throughout the day.

  • To participate in the CLEANSE option (cleanse during the first 7 days), you will also need the Nutritional Cleanse Kit – see below.


  • Liver DTX – maintains file flow, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, cleanses the liver and flushes out toxins.

  • Alfalfa – purifies blood, balances the body’s pH, aids in detoxification and provides many essential nutrients not available anywhere else (alfalfa roots expand 20 feet deep which allows it to capture essential trace minerals missing from most foods).

  • HerbLax – detoxifies the colon and removes toxins from your digestive track.

  • Optiflora – patented probiotic supports immunity & digestion, helps promote healthy intestinal activity &regularity.

Once ordered, your box of goodies will be delivered straight to your doorstep. It also includes a no-strings-attached Shaklee preferred customer membership. This enables you to order when you want, as often as you want with no monthly minimums or annual renewal fees. ($19.95 retail value)

Purchase of one of the life-changing product success packs (adding the cleanse kit if applicable) makes you eligible to participate in the next Clean Start program! Upon registration, we will contact you to place your customized product order or you can contact the person who referred you.

There is never a perfect time to implement change
but answer this one question,

“Where do I see myself a month from now?”

Small actions, taken every day, lead to big, lasting results.

Make these changes a reality in your life, starting TODAY!

This time your healthy lifestyle changes are going to stick!

Thanks to a proven road map & a community of like minded people.  We are with you every step of the way!

Submit your info below and we will contact you to get you registered for the next 21 Day Clean Start Program.   

Yes! Let's do this!