Health Professionals: What Makes You Stand Out from Your Competition?

What if you could leverage the expertise
of award winning doctors, nutritionists & scientists
and funnel it to your clients? 

√  No cost to implement.
√  Increase client retention & loyalty.
√  Clients are incentivized to refer.
 √  Create additional, residual revenue stream.
√  Expand existing business without additional overhead.

As a brand partner, you can EXCLUSIVELY offer our game-changing, patent-pending Healthprint Assessment service at no cost to you…or your clients.

 My total cholesterol was at 272, HDL 38, LDL 193 and triglycerides at 205. I decided to give Shaklee a try. Three months later, my total cholesterol dropped to 224, HDL up to 42, LDL down to 156 and triglycerides down to 128.  Thank you!  

-Andy B.

 I am so happy to say that I am completely free of Fibromyalgia.  Traveling used to kick my butt and take me out of the game for days.  But this past year I traveled more than ever and was pain-free! 

-Jenni O.

 It's official! My doctor took me off my last prescription med. 30 years of blood pressure meds never did a thing. It took Shaklee two weeks. 

-Jim O.

 Sleep trouble/hot flashes were making life so miserable...I tried someone else's luck. Got more Menopause Balance Complex ...ZERO hot flashes and slept all night like I used to. THANKS SHAKLEE 

-Linda G.

 After only a week and a half I could tell a huge difference in how I feel, and I have been migraine free!!  I have not had to take any pain medications since I started Shaklee!  

-Liz E.

 Have not had a spell of IBS for months.  I no longer need a prescription medicine for the Reflux condition either.  All thanks to Shaklee's wonderful research and commitment to the best. 

-Lorraine K.

 I started MindWorks and within 3 days, I felt as thought I had just come out of a very dense cloud bank. It’s great to be able to think clearly again after a very long time. 

-Mary M.

 Wish I had this info when my son was a baby and going thru his ear infections.  I knew we were using some toxins in our homes but never would I imagine exactly how much was in our homes. 

-Rebecca D.

 My restless legs are now restful and I sleep better. My weight has dropped by 15 pounds and I have much more energy. 

-Vince P.

Does your business struggle with any of these?

Healthprint and the  Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™

We offer a comprehensive wellness program that provides studio owners or fitness instructors with the education, tools, and support they need to create awareness and education among their existing and future clients regarding:

Healthy Nutrition


Shaklee offers over 300 unique products that are guaranteed to give your clients results or their money back.  Our core nutrition starts with high quality protein & nutritional supplements that fill in the gaps in most people’s daily diet.  We also provide targeted solutions for some the most common good health areas people want to fill.

Healthy Weight

The Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary weight-loss and weight-management program with products designed to help your clients lose fat not muscle.

Healthy Cleansing

Products that help support healthy digestive function and get your eating habits back on track or used as a pre-weight loss cleansing program.

Sports Nutrition

Products that help athletes perform their best before, during, and after workouts.

How Can the Program Help Retain Clients?

Ever have a client move or just stop using your facility/service?  People can tend to move around and when this happens, you lose clients which destabilizes your income.

Once a client begins using Shaklee products and becomShaklee Numbers Bubbleses a Shaklee member, you will continue to receive an income stream as long as the Shaklee member continues to purchase product—it does not matter if they move to another studio, change trainers, or move out of town or state.



The results clients can achieve while using Shaklee products may be greater than results with exercise alone or with the products they are currently using. Therefore, the better the results, more people notice, and the bigger opportunity for new referrals. In turn, this can increase your client base. (Plus, Shaklee offers a 100% unconditional guarantee, which means they can try the products RISK FREE!)

How Can You Take Your Business Outside Your Four Walls?

It’s like creating a network! You can expand your business outside your four walls by inviting other studio owners, trainers or health professionals to also implement the program.  You will benefit from the profits they generate via Shaklee sales and earn leveraged income.

In addition, through the Shaklee Member Rewards program, clients can receive rebates (and even get their products free) by referring others to you.  You receive the profits regardless of whether those referrals use your facility/service.

How Will The Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™ Help Create an Income Stream?

Create income by sharing the benefits of the wellness program with the current and future client base, and encourage other studio owners or trainers to do the same.

√  Create awareness by education. Focus on the importance of good nutrition and supplementation as the foundation for optimum health and encourage clients to get on a monthly Shaklee Life Plan, which will generate monthly revenue. Offer AutoShip.


√  Offer weight loss competitions every 90 days. Offer the Healthy Weight program.


√  Create awareness on the importance of occasionally cleansing the body to support good health. Offer the Healthy Cleansing program.


  Offer Shaklee member benefits to receive member pricing discounts.  Clients who become Shaklee members can also earn product rebates (and get their products free) by referring others.  You will receive the profits regardless of whether those referrals use your facility/service.


√  Reach out to other studio owners and/or trainers to also implement the program and create a network that continues to pay you residual income.

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