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The Only Supplement She Trusts

I do recommend Shaklee for all my pregnant moms. The reason for this is that it is the only supplement I really can trust. They have very strict quality control and I am sure my “mom“ is getting exactly what she expects to get. I have historically seen a difference in the sense that they “work“. Not all supplements seem to give the same good results. Shaklee is very consistent. Doctors tend in general to recommend what “everybody else uses.“ Usually this is a synthetic vitamin. They honestly do not know there is a difference.

Maureen B.

pediatric & neonatal RN

Third Pregnacy is Easiest & Healthiest By Far, Thanks to Shaklee!

After beginning my third pregnancy, I quickly realized that I was back in the same boat as the first two with nausea, fatigue, constipation, and water retention. My allergies were also out of control and I had to rely on Clariton daily. After pitching the DR’s prescribed prenatal vitamins and starting Shaklee my energy level and pregnancy took a turn for the better. This pregnancy was fantastic from that point forward. It was the first time I did not test positive for gestational diabetes, my blood pressure remained normal throughout, and my naps were no longer a necessity. Also, I gained 10 pounds less than I had with either of the first two and my third baby was a full pound heavier at delivery. He has, by far, been the healthiest infant and nursing has been easy and fun. If we choose to have another baby it will be Shakleeized from the womb. I wish I had known about these incredible products sooner.

Nancy M.

** The above are samples of the benefits others have noticed. It is NOT a prescription and should not be treated as such. These are simply stories of individuals who have had a positive experience with the product(s). These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.