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ABOUT Launch Your Business

Launch Your Business is step #1 of the Income Makeover Challenge and was created to help YOU achieve the rank of Director ASAP!
Director is the first stop at establishing a powerful, home-based, Shaklee business.  Once you learn how to build to this rank, the rest is easy!  Your success from here on out is a matter of simple duplication!
If you’ve come into this business and you LOVE health & wellness, Shaklee’s compensation plan, and the ability to earn residual income, then you’ll LOVE sharing the Shaklee Effect, teaching natural solutions for a healthy life, and mentoring others in a business that creates a healthy pocketbook.
This program is meant to provide the guidance, mentorship, tools, trainings and resources you need so that you don’t have to figure it out on your own!


Director is the rank where you’ll be making enough money to pay for your monthly order (yes, that’s right, essentially FREE product), and extra cash too. This program will propel your business to this point, and show you the steps to duplicate so that you can turn around and share these simple steps with your network (or enroll them in our next upcoming program).

WHAT You’ll Get:

Weekly coaching & training session with upline leaders & other amazing topline masters.
A Facebook support forum with training and interaction designed to walk you through the program, step by step.
A membership site with valuable resources as well as weekly lessons and recordings of your calls if you have missed them.
PRIZES, yep, FREEBIES as you participate.
Answers to your commonly asked questions and associations with others who are experiencing the same level of growth.

Yes! I'm ready to Launch My Business.




If you want:

  • Time freedom (the ability to plan your time around what is important to you)
  • Financial freedom (being debt free and living the life of your dreams)
  • Residual income (an income stream built over time that is stable and recurring)
  • Work that gives you joy (sharing natural solutions with others)
  • Personal development (getting out of your comfort zone and becoming the best you can be)
  • Business skill development (online training, support with building relationships, how to share naturally)
  • Belong to a group of like-minded people (your team will become your best friends and you’ll meet so many amazing people!)

If you have fears about:

  • Not knowing enough
  • Not wanting to be a bother to people
  • Not having enough time/knowledge
  • Not having enough contacts
  • Not enough, not enough, not enough…..

If these points are true for you, we have answers and you’ll LOVE this program!

If you like what you’re reading, YOU are the person Launch Your Biz was created for…WELCOME!

Sign up below and get ready to launch your business ASAP!

Yes! I'm ready to Launch My Business.