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IMPORTANT!  For best results, let’s create a strategy BEFORE you start talking to others and/or posting on social media.  Schedule your Game Plan Interview ASAP!

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 Complete the 30 Days of Health info series

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Below are resources we will discuss and provide as we create your personalized business strategy:

  • Six Keys to Meaningful Conversations – Creating PULL energy
  • Your 60 Second Story (product & business)
  • Shaklee University
  • Telephone Tuesdays
  • 3-Way Calls
  • Pique Interest Script (w/partner) (solo)
  • Warm Market Scripts (w/partner)
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Social Media, Business Launch/Grand Opening and additional reaching out methods

This business is a personal development course with a pay plan attached.  As such, your paycheck follows your level of mindsetthinking and you will never outperform your thinking by very much for very long.  Activity without proper mindset is merely spinning your wheels.  Mindset WITH activity puts you into gear for speed.

Below is a very small sampling of additional resources for building belief in yourself, the company and this profession.  We encourage you to choose what resonates with you.  Use these as a launching pad to find other resources that address your specific training & personal development needs.