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No More Claritin!

Since I started taking Shaklee, I haven’t had to take my daily dose of Claritin allergy medicine. I used to constantly have a drippy nose and running eyes … all year long! My doctor put me on Claritin and I take it all year. It seemed to help somewhat. When I started using Shaklee I was a bit skeptical but thought what do I have to lose … was I surprised. All my symptoms went away.

Julie G.

9 Year Old with Asthma & Allergies All His Life

My 9 year old son, had asthma and allergies all his life. As a baby we took him to the doctors repeatedly for respiratory infections and when he was about 1 1/2 years old he was diagnosed with asthma. He was having one or two asthma attacks per month for several years and always had to breathe through his mouth because his nose was so stuffy. A friend told me about Shaklee and suggested I try a few supplements. I was willing to try anything. After a few months he was totally off his meds (2 inhalers 2X/day, 1 allergy pill, a nasal spray 2X/day, and the nebulizer when he was having an attack). He does still use an allergy pill occasionally when the pollen count is high, but that’s it and he has only had 3 asthma attacks in the past 18 months. I also give him 2 zinc per day to help with his concentration in school. His teacher can always tell when he hasn’t had the zinc because his mind tends to stray from what he should be doing.

Maureen H.

Allergic to Everything

I had been told by allergists that it was easier to tell me what I was NOT allergic to than what I was. So I resigned to a life of taking prescription medications, allergy shots that would make me sick, and nasal sprays that were awful.
Then, I decided to get cats. Now ..I know what you’re thinking, “He’s allergic to everything … surely cats are on the list!“, and you’d be right. But this time I remembered the Shaklee Alfalfa from my youth and I remembered reading info about Shaklee’s NutriFeron. I went online and ordered these two products. I got the cats. I got my product and started taking it. Then I waited to see what would happen. And here’s the best part – Nothing happened!

No sneezing, no runny nose, no feeling miserable and no more prescription medications with nasty side effects.

I can actually live in a house with cats and not have an allergic reaction. It’s amazing, to say the least. I don’t get that lethargic feeling the medications would cause. I have more energy. I sleep better. Get this.. the only times I feel my allergies kick back up is when I forget to take my Alfalfa and NutriFeron!

Tim B.

** The above are samples of the benefits others have noticed. It is NOT a prescription and should not be treated as such. These are simply stories of individuals who have had a positive experience with the product(s). These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.