Business Assessment


Is this business right for me? Am I right for this business?

Below is a simple questionnaire that will help determine where your strengths and weaknesses might be.

Answer the questions honestly. It is not “pass” or “fail.”

No matter your score, if you are really committed to partnering with us, this will help identify any additional skills and/or info you might need to be prepared for success.

Candidate Assessment Questionnaire

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Business Assesment
I am a people person and love to be around people.
I work well alone and consider myself a self starter.
I can discipline myself and avoid distractions.
I have been successful in some job or endeavor in the past.
I enjoy calling people on the phone.
I am usually the leader of any group I am part of.
I have influence and can often "win people over" easily.
I handle frustration and dissappointment well.
I am coachable and willing to follow a system or procedure.
I am perserverant and can stick with things.
I am willing to run a business and manage things like accounting and taxes.
I can deal well with whiners, complainers and upset people.
I am willing to study, learn and improve myself.
I can speak in public easily and enjoy it.
I am willing to work hard for 12-18 months to reap large rewards down the road.
I am willing to listen, ask questions and offer solutions my company might have for people I know.
I firmly believe in Network Marketing and consider it a great, legitimate industry.
Shaklee is a company I believe in and am truly passionate about.
I understand that this is a business and have access to some start-up capital ($20 - $1,000 depending on my initial goals).
I am resourceful, creative and/or willing to do whatever it takes to have my business be sucessful.

**Assessment and scoring are adapted from “Do Due Diligence: Cutting Through the Crap in Network Marketing” by Greg Hartmann.