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Thursdays, March 7th, 14th & 21st

Registration CLOSES 3/2/19

Income Makeover Challenge | 90 Day Run

Think “couch to 5K” … but for your bank account. As in $5K…. per month… for life! A fitness challenge for your finances.

The Income Makeover Challenge is a 90-day massive motivational experience that will help you take your income to a new level …

Will you be making $5k/mo in 90 days? Possible, but not likely.

What you WILL have is the momentum needed to get you there a whole lot faster than what you’re currently doing.

90 days to Financial Freedom?

Probably not…
However, we CAN guarantee that you’ll be be a whole lot closer!

The Income Makeover Challenge is designed to help you succeed, no matter what your goals are.

  • It will be a safe place for you to grow, improve your skills, ask questions and mess things up.
  • It will give you the support and accountability to stay on track.
  • And most of all, we’ll have FUN! Weekly prizes and grand prizes for activities completed and results achieved.

WHAT YOU’LL GET (our commitment to you):

  • A clear plan for creating an extra $1-5K/mo ASAP.
  • Accountability to take action on your plan. You’ll be making more money than you have before because you’ll have that intention and a clear vision.
  • A reliable support system and community to back you up.
  • Go from frustrated, confused & overwhelmed with financial struggle to fulfilled, thrilled and thriving as part of a tribe that has a vested interest in your success and makes every other part of your life better and happier.

WHAT YOU’LL DO (your commitment to us):

  • Review weekly training modules (60-90 minutes each).
  • Attend & participate in weekly support & mastermind sessions. Day/time for these LIVE 60 minute sessions will be determined based on the availability of the majority of participants. Each session WILL be recorded and provided to participants.
  • Devote ONE HOUR each day to be CONSISTENT in your daily actions (to be determined during personal on boarding session) for the entire 90 day run.

Other than the weekly group sessions, your participation will be self paced.