Ready for the Income Makeover Challenge? 

Begins February 1, 2018  

Registration closes January 20th.

The Income Makeover Challenge is a 90 day process to add an additional $1-3k to your monthly bottom line.

STEP #1: We start with the Launch Your Business process for the first 30 days. This lays the foundation of mechanics, strategies and how-to’s.

STEP #2: Days 60-90, we’ll expand on management & leadership concepts to easily sustain long term growth.

WHAT YOU’LL DO (your commitment to us):

  •  Weekly group training & troubleshooting sessions via webinar.  We’ll determine day/time for these LIVE 60 minute sessions based on the availability of the majority of participants.  Each session WILL be recorded and provided to all registered.

  • Weekly individual check-in with mentor/coach.

  • 10-15 hours/wk of implementing your action plan.

Other than the weekly group sessions, your participation will be self paced.

WHAT YOU’LL GET (our commitment to you):

  • A clear plan for creating an extra $1-3k in the next 90 days.

  • You will start taking action on that plan & you’re going to make more money than you have before because you’re going to set that intention.

  • A reliable support system and community to back you up.

  • Go from frustrated, confused & overwhelmed with financial struggle to fulfilled, thrilled and thriving as part of a tribe that has a vested interest in your success and makes every other part of your life better and happier.


Below is a simple application that will help determine where your strengths and weaknesses lets make more of thesemight be.  Submit the form and we’ll schedule a time to get you more details.

Answer the questions honestly.  It is not “pass” or “fail.”

No matter your score, this will help identify any additional skills and/or info you might need to be prepared for the challenge.  Most importantly, your answers will help us help YOU more effectively.

90 days to Financial Freedom?


However, we CAN guarantee that you’ll be be a whole lot closer!

The Income Makeover Challenge is designed to help you succeed, no matter what your goals are.

  • It will be a safe place for you to grow, improve your skills, ask questions and mess things up.

  • It will give you the support and accountability to stay on track.

  • And most of all, we’ll have FUN!  Weekly prizes and grand prizes for activities completed and results achieved.


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Yes! I want to apply and get more details.

  • Once you submit this form, assessment results & link to schedule phone appointment will be emailed to you.