Causes & Approaches For Migraines & Headaches

Naturopathic physician, Becky Cash, discusses causes and natural approaches to migraines and headaches with Clinical Nutritionist Barbara Lagoni and guests Andrea Opalewski and Angie Struemke.

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Was Using Health Store Vitamins

I began on Shaklee supplements-- merely switching brands from the health food store brands I'd been taking-- and NOT believing that this would make any difference after 19 yrs. of doctoring with specialists
in some of the best medical centers. I have been migraine free ever since!
Rosanna M.

Tried More Medications Than She Could Count

I began to suffer daily headaches (cluster headaches) with 4-5 a week being migraines. I have been seeing a Neurologist. I have tried more medications than I can count or remember. Nothing seemed to help for
long. I was introduced to Shaklee and I decided that I would take a chance and try the nutritional supplements. Within 3 days of dropping all medications and routinely taking the supplements, I was migraine free. For me, this was a life-saver and a major miracle.
Liz W.

Felt Great In Just a Matter of Days

I'd suffered from headaches since I was a child. As I got older my headaches, I'd go to
the hospital when I couldn't take the pain anymore, and would be there for eight to ten hours until the pain subsided. The doctors suggested that I be on medication for the rest of my life, taking a preventative medication which could damage my liver in the future.
I became so depressed. Then I was introduced to Shaklee products through a friend, Barbara, who also had suffered from migraines. In just a matter of days I felt great! I wasn't tired anymore. I actually felt like a totally different person. It's a miracle!! I can't believe how great I feel and I would like to thank Barbara for introducing me to Shaklee and Shaklee for the great products. I have my life back!
Eileen A.

** The above are samples of the benefits others have noticed.  It is NOT a prescription and should not be treated as such. These are simply stories of individuals who have had a positive experience with the product(s). These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.