Considering a Cleanse? My Journey with the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse

Nov 1, 2019

“You can do anything for 7 days.”  That was certainly a draw. I was taking on the 7 day cleanse as phase one of a two phase, gut and nutrition reset.   However, after completing other cleanses that were three times as long, I was skeptical. C’mon! What kind of results could I possibly see after only seven days?!  Then there was the simplicity of the whole food plan. Really? That’s it? No complex portioning, food combining or elimination schedule? Maybe I’d see some results, but surely nothing like a cleanse lasting 21 days (or longer).  

There are lots of reasons to do a cleanse.  Although many do it for weight loss, there’s also improved digestion, boosted energy, curbed cravings, metabolism reset, better sleep and more.  As you probably have seen, the market is crowded with options. And, let’s just say that more than a few are a little dodgy, if not down right dangerous. 

When it comes to my health, I’m not interested in anything that hasn’t been designed by experts, tested and grounded in solid (and current) nutritional science.  In other words, no crazy, extreme or fad cleanses for this girl. Give me a clean, whole food, nutrient dense program that has verifiable results.


My outcome? I posted (Instagram) the following after completing the 7 day cleanse portion of my 30 day reset.


SPOILER ALERT: A lot can change in as little as 7 days!


DAY 7 – Cleanse lessons & results. First, I call a BIG FAT BS on anyone who says they eat a really good diet…. consistently (that’s the key word). It’s A LOT of effin’ work. I control my own calendar and I had a tough time fitting it all in. Huge kudos to those without the time freedom who manage to make it work. But boy, oh boy…. is it WORTH IT. 


As for results, no before & after photos here. I have no idea how much weight or inches I lost. I purposely did not measure either. However, based on how I feel in my body and how my clothes fit, I’m certain I lost both.⠀


This wasn’t about that for me. This was about resetting my palette and things much more internal, much more abstract. I’m so grateful for my vibrant health, for how well my body has brought me through life so far.  I have a lot more life I intend to live and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this aging process it is what a precious resource my energy is.


This was about giving back to myself on a cellular level. Honoring my body. To make up for past transgressions. Hello digestion? Hello liver? Let me give you a rest. This was about mindfulness, healing and regeneration.⠀


Two big takeaways re: caffeine and emotional eating. 


Going off caffeine, for me, was critical. ☕️  It has allowed me to experience the difference between true & vibrant energy vs. falsely stimulated energy. It’s hard to describe. Smooth. Rather than having an “edge” to it, my energy is now more sustained and just… well…smoother. Waking up? Way easier. 


And the CLARITY?! ? Oh my. Ironic, as I’m often using caffeine for just this reason. So much less brain fog and/or brain fatigue. Between the energy & clarity, I may just opt to leave caffeine out for good. Of course the supplements augment and aid the whole process too. ✅⠀Needless to say,  I’m looking forward to transitioning onto phase two and foundational nutrients to solidify, augment and continue all these results


Emotional eating? Yep. I was in denial. Hello, my name is Kim and I am an emotional eater.  Stressed? Bored? Let’s numb myself with some hummus and gluten free crackers. Or nut butter. Or dried fruit. My choices are healthy and emotional eating is all about crap food, right? Wow. What a revelation. The amount of mindless eating I do under the rationalization that as long as it’s healthy food, it doesn’t count…

A Chinese proverb says, “When you have health, you have 1,000 dreams. When you don’t, you have only one.” This gut and nutrition reset ensures we can pursue our 1,000 dreams. I hope the transparency in my own experience hasn’t frightened you from embarking. Anything worth having takes effort. I am inspired by everyone and anyone who accepts this challenge. It is SO WORTH IT. YOU are worth it. I am worth it. WE are worth it.

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About Kim Reed

About Kim Reed


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