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Jul 9, 2013

Sundays are my favorite.  Since living in New York City, I’ve always appreciated the quiet, calm energy that Sunday mornings bring.  Wake up leisurely, read my favorite sections of the New York Times in bed.  Day of rest.  Heaven.

While perusing Facebook one recent Sunday, I see a featured post for a new book by one of my colleagues. I have been attracted to writing a book recently.  “I could write a book.”  The thought has been going through my head.  Messages have been appearing to that end, universal “nudges”, causing me to take notice.  But what about?  What do I know?  I know a lot about my business, my company, but where is my success?  Who’s going to listen to me?  Who WANTS to listen to me?

10 years ago, when I turned 40, I determined that certainly by 50 I would be at the top of my business.  (I think I probably said the same thing at 30.)  Now, more than a month after my 50th birthday, here I am.  I sent myself into my next 50 years with a great party and celebration….determined to use all that I’ve learned, my collected wisdom, to launch into and make my next 50 years really something.

I know all sorts of stories about other company leaders having their greatest success after writing a book - "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brownage 50.  Heck, even Dr. Shaklee founded the company when he was in his 60’s.  Boy, oh boy, I’m on my way!  I don’t need to regret what I haven’t done or how far I haven’t gotten because this time it’s going to be different.  I am prepared, everything has led up to this and NOW I am ready.  Right?  I just liked a Facebook page “Network Marketing after 50”.  Proof that 50 is just the start for me.  This is it.  I just wasn’t ready before.  NOW is when I’m going to break through and have my massive growth and success.  Right?


writing a book - "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene BrownEarlier this year, I was introduced to the work of Brené Brown.  I’ve re-watched her TED talk numerous times.  As a self-confessed control junky, I strongly relate to her story and message.  Is there really power in vulnerability?  In that spirit, of “daring greatly” with my “gifts of imperfections,” I embark on this written journey.

I will strive, now, to stay in the flow.  I want to honor my values of achievement and accomplishment.  However, I intend to do it from this new perspective.  The crazy one that says you don’t have to push to make things happen.

Push, drive, hard work is what brought success in my first 50 years.  Now I want to prove that presence, intuition & flow is what will bring even greater success.  Does it take 50 years to figure that out?  For me it has, but maybe for others it won’t have to.

THAT is what I will write about.

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About Kim Reed


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