“Motivation, schmotivation. Find the hot spot!”

Sep 1, 2013

StellaDuring master classes with the infamous acting teacher, Stella Adler would shout these pragmatic directions at us as we attempted to work a scene.  In theatrical terms, this means finding where the light is brightest so you can best be seen.  (She was also known to shout, “Get off my stage, you can’t act!” – but that’s another story.)

Sometimes we (I) over-intellectualize and miss the true motivation that comes from deep within the heart.  Maybe we (again, I) have built up so many walls, suffered too many disappointments that it is too dangerous to open up or explore our deepest desires, hopes & dreams.

We have trouble finding our best light because we are disconnected from it.



Joseph Campbell, in his book and series with Bill Moyers “The Power of Myth” made a strong case for the power of  “following your bliss.”  Another former acting teacher,  Carol Fox Prescott‘s mantra is, “Take a breath, let the sound out, seek the joy of yofollow-your-blissur own experience.”

To me, it’s all the same message. We worry about all the “what if’s” rather than just going for the hot spot.

You can call it your purpose, soul’s desire, bliss, your “why”… mission, identity… God’s plan for you… essence.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, it all comes from the same place.  It comes from your heart, not your head and once you are aligned with it, there is no stopping you.  I know this is where “flow” comes from because I have experienced it.


For some, the shift from head to heart comes easily.  There are personality types that lead with and from their hearts.  Me?  I’m one of the “head” people.  From a business “getting things done” perspective, I’m the one who says, “Forget all this WHY stuff, just tell me what I need to do and I’ll get it done.”  It works, up to a point, but gets tiring and, in the end, is not very fulfilling (or sustainable for that matter).

How do you uncover your purpose, your “why”?  One way is to look at your values.  Our values are the clues to the gifting we have been endowed with.  In turn, our gifting leads us to our purpose and where we will be aligned, where we will find that flow, that hot spot.


Head people: I feel your pain.  Values?  What the heck does THAT mean?  How do I know what my values are?

For me, certainly, it has been a lifelong quest.  And, let’s not assume that once we’ve got it “locked in,” it doesn’t ever change.  In the last year, I have gotten much more clarity by working with a couple of different coaches/consultants (Cynthia Loy Darst of The Inspiration Point, Rebecca Reynolds of Rebecca Reynolds Consulting) and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) curriculum.  Most recently, I have been learning frameworks from Shirlaws business coaching (thank you Kevin Crandall) to help new team members connect with their motivations.

20+ years later, one of my first coaches, Henry Kimsey-House, who literally wrote the book on coaching.

20+ years later, one of my first coaches, Henry Kimsey-House, who literally wrote the book on coaching.

Whether it is the person mentoring you in our business, or you hire a coach, find the person who can help you peel back the onion and find what is truly important to you.  Find the hot spot.


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About Kim Reed


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