99% of Prenatal Supplements Are Missing These…

May 30, 2023

Just last month (April 2023), The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published research showing the inadequacy of prenatal supplements (both prescribed and OTC).  The fact that this isn’t the first study to come to the same conclusion is alarming.

“Almost no US dietary supplements provide key nutrients in the doses needed for pregnant women.”

The 6 Key Nutrients Needed for Pregnancy The study focused on 6 key nutrients that are known to be important to pregnancy (Vitamin A, D, iron, folate, calcium and omega 3) and found that a significant number of pregnant women are not getting enough of these key nutrients.

Out of over 28,000 products, look at what what they found:

2,651 vitamin brands contained at least one of the six key nutrients.

Most contained ONLY ONE of the 6 KEY NUTRIENTS NEEDED!!

391 of these were labeled as prenatals

Only ONE brand (ours) contained ALL SIX nutrients at the target levels needed in a prenatal.

Let that sink in….

You would think that with something as important as a prenatal, there would be more than just one brand that can deliver what’s needed for healthy pregnancy.

If you can’t trust the quality of something that doctors are suggesting as a prenatal to their patients, why wouldn’t this also be a problem with ALL vitamins?

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About Kim Reed

About Kim Reed


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