Quality vs. Quantity

Feb 21, 2015

SUCCESS FORMULA: Activity + Consistency + Time = Results



I’ve used this formula when trouble-shooting why someone isn’t getting results.  


Recently, I’ve made a large change to it.

The benefit of tracking numbers is being able to target where the weak points are in our process.  I’ve talked to a few people recently who have been doing the activity (contacts) consistently for awhile but not getting much results.  I’ve always said that the answer lies in one of these three areas:


  • Activity (not enough of it)
  • Consistency (stopping and starting or lots one week and nothing the next, etc.) or
  • Time (haven’t given the process enough time to build momentum – typically 6-12 months).


Yes, activity is a big part of this equation.  I know we talk a lot about the numbers and yes, it is a numbers game.  However, I’ve begun to see a trend in way too much focus on the quantity of activity vs. the QUALITY.  


I realized for myself awhile back that I was sacrificing making a connection with the person I was onquality-vs-quantity the phone with just so I could get onto the next call and “make my numbers.”


Thanks to a couple of wonderful coaches, and more recently Tracy Monteforte’s Dialing for Dollars training, I realized that my focus was in the wrong spot.  To use a sports analogy, I can’t play the game effectively if I’m focused on the scoreboard all the time.  Rather than fixate on outcomes & numbers, what is the bigger game I’m playing?  What is the intention I am setting when connecting with people?


As an aside, I highly suggest you find a trusted ally or coach. This could be your upline, a colleague or someone you hire.  The bottom line is that sometimes you need an objective, outside eye to pinpoint your blind spots.  After all, if they weren’t blind spots, you’d be able to see them, right?  (BTW, if that voice in your head just told you that you don’t have any blind spots, you absolutely do, lol!!)  In the past, some people have even asked for troubleshooting on the live Create My Future training calls.  Not only is this incredibly courageous but also extremely generous because it benefits everyone listening.


For me, I had to give up setting a goal for a certain amount of calls per day or per shutterstock_120235078-300x300week.  That just wasn’t serving me (or, more importantly, the person I was talking to) and my results were the proof.  Now, my focus is putting people in my pipeline and filling my calendar with follow-up appointments.  I heard Eric Worre say recently that he can guess someone’s income by looking at their calendar.  If there aren’t appointments on your calendar, you don’t have a business.


Mind you, this doesn’t mean I’ve traded focusing on the number of calls for the number of appointments.  I am not setting follow-up appointments with just anyone for the sake of filling up my calendar. Using the initial contact as a form of interview, I know the qualities of the person I’m looking for and if I’m not hearing/feeling it, I back-door them (ie, send them to the overview info without scheduling a follow-up appointment.)  And, because the system tracks activity, those who do actually review the info end up in my pipeline anyway.  It’s a win-win.  I haven’t wasted time with a potentially unqualified candidate and if I’ve misread them I will find out by their actions, meaning they review the info I’ve directed them to.


So, what is the NEW success formula?


QUALITY Connections + Consistency + Time = Results.





About Kim Reed

About Kim Reed


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