Recipe for Effortless Results: Intend, Prepare & Let It Go

Aug 2, 2013

In June, I had the thrill of a lifetime.  I officiated the wedding of a couple I love dearly, having been the bride’s nanny since she was four.  I was humbled beyond words when she and her fiancée asked me to take such a place of honor on their day.  (I applied for a one-day dispensation.  I do not have a new career.)  Together we wrote the words that would be delivered.  I loved the whole collaboration process and the bonding that took place as a result.

The Wedding LessonAll culminated in what I can only say was a truly exhilarating experience.  I was very clear, intentional about what I wanted to convey while delivering my “performance.”  The meaning, the power, the love…all of it.  I focused on being present, on letting whatever happened, happen.  When I’ve performed in the past, it was only the first few minutes that were nerve-wracking.  After that, I could enjoy the flow of the production.

I wasn’t sure if that would be the same this time, after so long, but I’m glad to say it was.  Yes, my knees were shaking at first, but after the first few minutes, that wonderful, clear channel opened up and I could simply bask in things as they unfolded.  I’ve realized, through all this, that is what I always loved about performing.  I just didn’t know what to call it.  Sure, acting teachers talk about being a vessel for the message, but knowing that intellectually and experiencing it emotionally are two different things.  Now I have consciousness about exactly what is manifesting.


In the coaching curriculum I took last year, I (re)learned about being a conduit for intuition and inspiration.  Learned to trust the power and wisdom that comes from it, rather than try to edit or control it.  With enough preparation (prayer, meditation, visualization, clarity of intention), I can be certain that what is supposed to come through, will yield effortless results.  And that is exactly what happened during the ceremony.

It was glorious to stand there and be the conduit, to let the essence of the loving message flow through and out of me.  And now I remember why I always craved more.  Who wouldn’t want more of that?  Let the energy of God, the Holy Spirit, the Universe – whatever you choose to call it – flow through you to the people who will receive it?


Yep, I’ll sign up for more of that.


So, how can I get more effortless results?  I pondered that afterwards.  The answer that came is that I can get more of it every day, every moment.  Yes, maybe on a smaller scale, but I can “perform” with each individual I talk to about possibilities.  When my intention is merely to deliver the message I have prepared and I detach from the outcome, I am free from the biggest hindrance to effortless results: FEAR.   Fear has me focus on my shaking knees.  Fear has me question, “How am I doing?”  Fear takes me out of the moment.  Fear means I’m focused on ME.  Fear blocks the channel of the divine.


The key to being fearless?  Let go of the result and focus on the process, on keeping the channel clear.    I am a shining beacon of light that illuminates a path to excellence for others to follow.  I envision a world where everyone is abundant.  The more I let that flow through me, the more everything will fall into place.  Just like it did at the wedding.

About Kim Reed

About Kim Reed


Master the Possible | Illuminating Possibilities: This blog is dedicated to the notion that success leaves clues. And, let me offer the disclaimer that none of this is new. None of my revelations are original. Certainly, beginning with the ubiquitous success reference is evidence already. I actually believe that there really is nothing new under the sun. All anyone does, especially when it comes to self-help or actualization is merely rearrange the material. If you think about it, you might say that most (all?) non-fiction writers become best-sellers because of how they organize and communicate the material. The material is not new, only their way of saying it is.

My learning comes from a myriad of sources, modalities and mentors. I strive to give credit in all cases so that readers may access the source(s) directly. I have benefited from many life pursuits including that of a professional actor. As of now, the primary learning lab is my work as a marketing, recruiting and training coordinator with TeamONE, a group in partnership with Shaklee Corporation. Thus, much reference is made within that context.

I don’t always know what I’m doing nor do I claim to be an expert. I reserve the right to get it wrong and make mistakes. I am figuring it out as I go. I believe there are many roads to greatness, many paths to God. The one that is right, is the one that’s right for you. I endeavor to share what works for me in the hope that others may have an easier road to travel. Simply put, my intention is to be an illuminator of possibilities. Shine on! ~ Kim