What Is Big Endeavor?

Jun 9, 2016

I’ve been talking about how Big Endeavor has impacted me & my business, so I’ve been getting this question a lot.  In an effort to answer, and have a resource to point to going forward, here goes….


BE Change Is Repeatable CycleYou may have noticed that I’m kind of a personal development, transformation, self actualization junkie.  Heaven, to me, is participating in any of these types of curriculums.  I love to learn and I always have.  From the outside, however, it may appear that I’m going from thing to thing to thing looking for THE answer.  


So, let me set my record straight.  


In the “About Me” section at the bottom of any of these posts, you’ll see that I believe there is no ONE answer.  ALL the courses, coaching, webinars, workshops, retreats I’ve done have brought me to where I am right now.  All of it has contributed.  All of it has had value.  All of it, combined, informs who I am presently.  That said, what speaks to me now, might not later.  And NONE of it might speak to you at all.  It’s not that I’m looking for THE answer, I’m looking for the next RIGHT answer for ME.  The right answer…for me…right now. What I share here is as much to document my own journey as it is to offer possible paths for others.


Thus, the ONLY way to answer the question is to let you know my own experience, my “take” on Big Endeavor, thus far.  


First, however, a quick bit of history to provide some personal context.


NYU Roommates '81-'82

NYU Roommates ’81-’82

As an example of divine synchronicity, I was paired with a college roommate who would not only open me up to personal development, but also, through her loving & devoted friendship, significantly impact my sense of self.  

When I spoke above about the combined influences which make up who I am now…?? Unequivocally, it all started with Rebecca.


We reconnected several years ago (thank you Facebook) and I was extremely intrigued to learn more about her consulting practice (Rebecca Reynolds Consulting).  The shifts her clients were able to make with her guidance fascinated me enormously. I wanted to know more.  I wanted to learn and apply the approaches she was sharing. I told her over and over, “I want to be able to do what you do.”  

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one asking.


Thus, Big Endeavor began to develop…and, as such, it is one huge, profoundly cosmic, full circle experience for me.   

BE Change Ourselves

As nicely as I think the above quote from the Big Endeavor home page sums it up, some still come back to me with, “Yes, but what IS it?”


Look, I get it.  People want to understand what something is.  We, as humans, like to be able to put things in a box and slap a label on it.  We want to know what to expect.  I am one of those people.


“Is it a workshop?”

“Is it a methodology?”  

“Is it a movement?”


Our brains like to be able to categorize and sort so we can either pursue or dismiss something.
The answer to what makes Big Endeavor hard to describe lies in its acronym: BE  


IMG_0908Our world focuses on DOING.  What do we have to DO to achieve this or that?  What Big Endeavor proposes is that there is a vast intelligence beyond just our thinking, one which lies in our BEing.  Rather than think our way out of a problem, focus on who we are BEing.  It suggests that the most effective solutions come from there.  Big Endeavor’s role is to work as a companion to help us connect to and apply it.

I’ll admit that when I toured the website for the first time, I loved everything that was being described, until I saw the term “large scale change.” That threw me.  Maybe this was meant for organizations doing things like solving world hunger, peace, etc.  I thought that I might be able to apply some of the concepts to my own world, but figured that, for the most part, they were for something bigger than “little ‘ol me.”

Boy, was I wrong!  Our big endeavor IS ourselves.  


Ultimately, Big Endeavor is about stepping into,
and mastering, our own human BEingness.


And let me stress, again, that all of the above is MY experience of it, so far.  These words are my attempt IMG_0869to put parameters around something that cannot be put in a box and labeled.

What you take away will be different…and exactly what you need.  That is the beauty of it.  

If any of what I’ve shared intrigues you, I invite you to explore the website and the resources below to discover if Big Endeavor may be the next “right” thing for you.   


About Kim Reed

About Kim Reed


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