Why Do We Quit Doing What We Know Works?

Jul 15, 2013

Happy (Shaklee) New Yhappy new yearear!  As my Shaklee colleagues know, July marks the beginning of a new fiscal and incentive year.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I am happy to “wipe the slate clean” as it were. In too many ways, my business went in the wrong direction in the last 12 months.  FYI,  one of the traps of residual income is complacency.

On the upside, the past year was all about learning and growing on the inside.  I may not have worked that hard on my business, but I did work hard on myself.  I learned lots and have acquired new skills that I intend to bring into the new year.  One thing I now know for sure?  Straying from what you know works does not work.

I can tell you FOR SURE that cutting back and being inconsistent with proven activities definitely makes a difference in results.  In my case, I use Create My Future (CMF) as a growth vehicle and cutting back on my activities with it is the only reason my business did not grow this year.   Not because CMF doesn’t work, but because I didn’t work it.

The question is, why do we quit doing what we know works?  In my case, it is boredom.  I like to learn new things and be challenged.  Once getting “good” at CMF, what’s the next challenge?

It’s  similar to what happens on the 180 weight loss journey.  At first, we’re all excited, learning how the program works, working it into our routine, etc.  Then tedium sets in.  Logging the food in the app loses its novelty.  Results aren’t coming quickly.  So what if we cheat a little and have that extra glass of wine?

The problem with repetition, making call after call, when we’ve said the same words over and over, is that we become unconscious and miss changes, opportunities to deepen our learning. When talking to a prospect, am I really listening and hearing what they say or am I merely going through the motions, going through the numbers?  I recently realized this: What if the challenge now becomes finding the “new” in repetition?


So, my Shaklee New Year’s resolution comes from a book I am currently re-reading, “Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi:

“Decide right now to face every experience anew by choosing to forget that you have ever faced it before.  Decide not to anticipate a specific appearance or behavior, an anticipation based on your memory and emotions. Practice detachment of outcome, but have certainty of your  choices and intention, and you will find a world that has been hiding from you all along, right in front of your eyes all along.”


I have also set myself up with a couple of accountability partners and started using an app that a friend turned me on to.  Accountability and public declaration are the other lessons I learned from my weight loss journey this year.  This diatribe is my attempt at the latter.  I am declaring that this year I am getting back on track with my CMF activity (and thus, results).  If you’ve read this far, I encourage you to do the same.

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About Kim Reed


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